10 Cats That Look Just Like Tigers

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When we claim that most of us would not want a tiger in our house, we believe we are speaking for a large number of individuals. We assume they would drain your financial account with those cat food expenses, they would definitely require their own bedroom, and we’d be too afraid to sleep at night with a tiger sleeping next door, aside from the obvious legal hurdles for keeping a pet tiger.

Tigers, on the other hand, are truly magnificent creatures. Their elegance and grace are captivating, so it’s easy to see why their appearance is enticing. Even though these cat breeds are similar to tigers they are known for being safe, trainable, and most importantly, loveable.


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You may have heard the term “Bengal” used to describe Bengal tigers, so it’s no surprise that these domestic cats with the same name are nearly identical to the wildcat. Bengal cats were created in the 1960s by crossing a wild leopard cat with several domestic cat types. They have a broad tail, a long torso, and strong rear legs that allow them to leap considerable distances.

Their fur, however, gives them a tiger-like appearance, with wildcat-like stripes and circular patterns similar to those found on leopards. Even better, they’re hypoallergenic! More hypoallergenic cats that won’t make you sneeze are available for allergy sufferers.


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Toyers are regarded as the “tiger cat,” therefore you can’t get much closer to him than this.

Toygers feature a lot of stripes that are orange, gold, and red in color. Because these cats demand a lot of physical exercise, it’s vital to consider if you’ll be able to satisfy their requirements before adopting them, but they’re also quite lovely, making them ideal for families.


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Did you take a second look? Savannah cats have a natural appearance about them, as if they belong in nature. While they have a striking physical resemblance to tigers, they have the personality of a typical domestic cat.

Egyptian Mau

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Egyptian Maus were considered sacred animals since they were native to Egypt (surprise!).

This breed is depicted as exceptional in several ancient Egyptian works of art. Their black stripes, which are more ashy in hue, give them the appearance of a tiger. They’re also recognized for their incredible speed and agility.


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Ocicats are extremely muscular and cunning. The Ocelot, a tiny striped wildcat, is the only cat breed that has been intentionally developed to appear like a wildcat.


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Isn’t this a cute name? Cheetohs are high-energy animals who like playing. Their patterns on their coats give them a cheetah-like appearance, although they can also have tiger stripes.

The Cheetoh, which was just bred for the first time in 2001, has a reputation for being sweet, easy to teach, and loyal. Perhaps you can teach your cat to do one of these life-changing behaviors, such as walking on a leash.


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Another high-energy feline to add to the mix! Chausie’s must be sufficiently stimulated, otherwise they will grow restless and disruptive about the house. Their eyes, pointed ears, and angled legs give them a tiger-like form, even though they don’t have tiger stripes like the others. If you decide to adopt one of these tiger-like cats, make sure to buy one of the best dry cat diets recommended by veterinarians.


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Abyssinians are muscular and slim. They require a lot of physical exercise, but they are also quite clever and affectionate. One thing to keep in mind regarding Abyssinians is that they don’t usually get along with other cats. They, like most younger siblings, want to be the only cat in the house who receives all of the attention.


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These tiger-like cats, believe it or not, have a very dog-like demeanor, and despite their name, they have no link to the bobcat. Pixiebobs may grow to be rather large for a housecat, weighing up to 18 pounds, and their spotted coat can give the impression that you have a wildcat living with you.

American Bobtail

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The heart of this tiger-like animal is enormous. American Bobtails like being in the company of others and receiving a lot of attention. Because of their peaceful nature, they are often suggested as therapy cats. The American Bobtail, like the Pixiebob, has a more dog-like disposition than your average cranky housecat.