12 Best Small Cat Breeds for Your Family



The Singapura is the smallest cat breed, weighing around five pounds on average, or roughly half a gallon of milk. A fully developed female weighs approximately four pounds, whereas a fully grown male weighs around six pounds. The striped tabby pattern and charmingly big ears and eyes distinguish this short-haired breed.

“Despite its tiny size, the Singapura is a wonderful worker who gets along well with the whole household, including children and pets,” explains Wisdom Panel channel manager Katie Lytle, DVM. Singapuras are also noted for their kindness and inquisitiveness, according to her. They have a lot of energy and enjoy being busy, but when it’s time to relax, they prefer cuddling.



The Napoleon cat (also known as the Minuet) is the way to go if plump, rounded cats with plenty of hair are your thing. These small felines weigh between five and nine pounds, almost the same as a normal can of paint, despite their fluffy appearance. These cats get along nicely with youngsters, as well as other pets. It is a dwarf cat breed that has existed since the late 1960s, when breeder Joe Smith crossed a Munchkin with a Persian cat. Learn about these purr-fectly intriguing 21 cat facts.

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