12 Best Small Cat Breeds for Your Family



This tiny cat breed’s name is a dead giveaway given its diminutive stature. These loving cuties, who weigh between six and nine pounds, have dachshund or corgi-like short legs and larger bodies. “Munchkins get along well with other cats and dogs, and they like hiding shiny things if their owners play hide-and-seek,” says Stacy Choczynski Johnson, DVM, a veterinarian and veterinary specialist with Pumpkin Pet Insurance. However, owners must be aware of potential injuries due to their incapability to jump very high because of their shape.

Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex is a tiny cat with a stunningly attractive and graceful look. Females weigh between five and eight pounds, while males range between eight and ten pounds. Dr. Choczynski Johnson explains, “These long, slender felines have large ears and a curl to their silky fur.” These breeds of cats are similar to dogs, they like playing fetch games every now and then. They’re also fast eaters with a big appetite.”

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