After rescuing a cow from a dairy farm, the two formed the Most Epic friendship.

Meet Ryan and Jenna the cow, his dearest friend. She’s brought happiness into his life, as well as bringing him closer to his soon-to-be bride.

Ryan Phillips and his best buddy, Jenna the cow, live on the outskirts of Williamsburg, Virginia, in just one of the numerous animal adoption tales that will warm your heart. Ryan spotted an ad for a newborn Holstein calf in North Carolina, only three hours from his house, about two years ago. Ryan’s belief that cows are merely “grass puppies” was verified after visiting a cow rescue facility in Maryland. Cows are playful and curious, and they have a lot in common with pets you could have at home.

After witnessing firsthand how incredible these creatures are, Ryan decided to take a chance and drive his Subaru Forester to Durham, North Carolina to bring Jenna, his very first cow, home. Jenna and her twin brother were also born on a dairy farm. Jenna and her brother were spray painted and readied for slaughter just days after their birth, because female Holstein calves with a twin sibling had a high probability of being sterile.

Fortunately, Jenna convinced her father to find shelter for the three-day-old calves rather than sending them to be slaughtered. Ryan took the one remaining calf covered in a blanket for the long trip home after Jenna’s sibling was moved to a separate sanctuary before Ryan arrived in North Carolina. Jenna was named after the daughter of a dairy farmer who saved her life.

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