After rescuing a cow from a dairy farm, the two formed the Most Epic friendship.

A 1,000-pound puppy

Ryan became Jenna’s parental figure because she never got the opportunity to meet her biological mother. He gave her all the cuddles, rubs, and love that a newborn needs. Jenna would follow him around the house from window to window until he came outside to play with her.

Jenna is a “1,000-pound puppy,” according to Ryan, and their favorite hobby is playing chase. Jenna trailed Ryan from tree to tree, then they played a game of headbutt to try who could move the other first. Jenna has a habit of letting Ryan win. Jenna became my best friend from that point forward, according to Ryan.

For six months, I fed her three bottles a day and stayed with her in the barn many nights to ensure she didn’t feel lonely. Jenna was ill a lot in the first few months she was with me since she didn’t have her mother cow to pass on her immunity through her milk.

I was always worried about her as she sat in my lap, unhappy and ill, with many vet appointments to see if she would make it. Jenna feels she is human because of the amount of time Ryan and Jenna have spent together. Jenna hid behind Ryan and pretended she didn’t know what to do when another cow was saved to live with her. She eventually warmed up to having other cow buddies, but she still prefers Ryan.

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