After rescuing a cow from a dairy farm, the two formed the Most Epic friendship.

Jenna the “wingcow”

Meanwhile, a lady named Mallory was scrolling through Facebook when she came across Ryan and Jenna’s connection through the videos he uploaded on his animal sanctuary website, Life With Pigs, a nonprofit that strives to provide the animals at his sanctuary with the care they need.

Mallory came out to Ryan after seeing Ryan’s article about saving a cow that had been abused on a farm, hoping that she would be able to assist, whether by persuading the police to take the problem seriously or by calling animal control. Working together on this endeavor allowed Ryan and Mallory to chat all the time, which brought them closer together. Mallory traveled to Virginia for a demonstration against animal mistreatment, when she met Ryan for the first time. Mallory relocated to Virginia after they fell in love, and the couple is getting married this month. Jenna will play the role of Ryan’s “Best Cow.”

Despite the fact that Jenna acquired the moniker “wingcow” for bringing the pair together, she felt envious of Mallory as she diverted part of Ryan’s attention. Jenna is still a Daddy’s girl, despite the fact that the two have built a lovely connection. At the Life With Pigs refuge, the couple now owns 23 animals: two cows, three pigs, three turkeys, eight chickens, a parrot, a bunny, two sheep, and three dogs.

The three pigs have their own loft bed above the sofa where Ryan and Mallory unwind for the evening, while many of the animals sleep in the barn outside. The dogs sleep on the couch, the parrot flies around the living room, and the rabbit, the most sociable of the lot, rushes around playing with everyone.

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