After rescuing a cow from a dairy farm, the two formed the Most Epic friendship.

The makings of a beautiful family

The pigs wake Ryan up between 5 and 7 a.m. by knocking something over in the living room, signifying that they are eager to go outdoors and begin the day. Ryan spends his days at the sanctuary looking to the animals, while Mallory works her own full-time job from home. Jenna is always eager to join Ryan in his activities, whether it’s working in the yard or dining in the kitchen.

Ryan used to bring Jenna into the house for carrot snacks when she was a newborn, but now that she can’t fit in the house, she receives her carrot treats via the kitchen window, which has become known as the “Carrot Drive-Thru.” Because Jenna’s horns have grown and no longer fit through the windows, the window panel must be removed to allow Jenna’s head to pass through.

When Jenna is done munching, she loves to “assist” Ryan with reinstalling the window. Ryan used to take Jenna on walks into town with her pink harness before the epidemic. People would make a double take, but they quickly discovered that Jenna enjoys meeting new people. Ryan enjoys telling children about her upbringing and how she managed to avoid working in the dairy business.

He even gets to demonstrate a new skill Jenna has picked up: shaking for alfalfa rewards. Many people mistakenly believe that cows on a pasture are merely big creatures that graze grass all day, as Ryan explains. Jenna possesses all of the characteristics that we associate with dogs, including a deep desire to be loved. She’ll either let me hold her or rest her head on my knee, and I’ll wrap my arms around her for 20 minutes. Her expression is one of complete happiness.

The only distinction between a cow and a dog is their size. Cows have a natural lifespan of 20 years or more, while those in the animal agriculture system have a lifespan ranging from one day to four or five years.

Despite having equal cognitive capacities, they are rarely treated with the same respect, compassion, and tenderness as companion animals. So much has changed in my life as a result of Jenna’s presence, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, says Ryan. We couldn’t fathom living without one other because she is genuinely my best friend. My objective is to provide her with the most perfect happily-ever-after.

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