Check What Your Favorite Dog Breed Can Tell About Your Personality

It may come as no surprise to you, but your favorite dog can reveal a lot about who you are. They all embody us in some manner, whether you favor fluffy dogs or black and white canines. While no two dogs are alike, several breeds are known to have distinct characteristics.

Various studies have been undertaken over the years that have shown the link between our dog breed of choice and our personality qualities, but we also received some additional advice from pet professionals based on what they’ve seen in the field. Make sure to check out which dog breeds are best for your zodiac sign.

German Shepherd lovers: Confident and tough

Karin Wagner, an American Kennel Club official who judges German Shepherds in dog events, describes the breed as “very confident, fierce, and yearning for devotion.” Consider a tough high school teacher who won’t allow you to get away with being a jerk. According to other studies, owners of Rottweilers and German Shepherds are more prone to be unfriendly or aggressive. German Shepherds, like these other guard dogs, are bred to protect.

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