Check What Your Favorite Dog Breed Can Tell About Your Personality

Bulldog lovers: Stubborn

We inquired of Victoria Larson, a French bulldog owner and AKC official, about the typical bulldog owner. She chuckled and described it in a single word: “stubborn.”

Bulldogs are “determined, tenacious, and do not give up easily,” according to dog expert Cesar Milan. Bulldogs, like these other sluggish dog breeds, are expert nappers.

Great Dane lovers: Hilarious

A sense of humor is required when dealing with a dog as enormous as a Great Dane. Especially with these gentle giants, who are one of the largest canine breeds on the planet.

The mere sight of these large dogs may make people nervous, but anyone who owns one of these odd pets will find this funny.

Zach Reed, Founder of, states, “They have a large heart to protect their enormous scaredy-dog from inanimate items and adore snuggling with their 150+ pound lap dog.” You can’t sweat the minor stuff as a Great Dane owner since you’re probably covered in slobber anyway!”

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