Here’s How Miniature Horse Therapy Brings Life With a Magic Touch

This is about a menagerie of horses that help individuals in need across the country. But no one can cast a spell like Magic.

Courtesy Jorge Garcia

Magic, the queen of the herd, always manages to discover the person who needs her the most when the little troop of miniature horses enters the room. On this particular day, the room is packed with residents, employees, family, and even a local television photographer in a Florida assisted living facility.

Magic walks up and rests her head in the lap of one of the residents, who begins to converse with her: “Isn’t she lovely?” the woman asks. The activities director breaks down in tears. The inhabitant, it turned out, had not spoken a word since her arrival three years ago. Our 14-year-old therapy miniature horse has nuzzled the hearts of many with his Magic touch. She’s been called in to console victims of tragedy and natural disasters, as well as patients and residents in hospitals and assisted living institutions, where she’s a big hit.

Our tiny black pony frequently returns home with pink and red stains on her white nose as a result of all the ladies kissing her. Magic also has a special link with hospitalized youngsters. Magic made one little girl’s cheeks pain from smiling so much, according to a little girl who had a heart transplant and leukemia.

Magic was held close to the face of a youngster who was losing his sight so that he could always remember what she looked like. He told his mother, “It’s like she can see into my soul. “In the most trying of circumstances, magic frequently comes to the rescue. Magic received a call the same day as the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.

Only a few families were expected to attend…

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