Here’s How Miniature Horse Therapy Brings Life With a Magic Touch

Only a few families were expected to attend the meeting with Magic, according to the librarian at the neighborhood library. The following day, 600 people arrived. It was the first time since the catastrophe that most of the youngsters had seen each other. The librarian described it as the start of the community’s healing process.

Courtesy Jorge Garcia

Magic and the other horses were summoned back in to see the medical examiners after visiting families affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. They were just cuddling ponies on the floor in their white coats. Magic placed her head on the shoulder of one of the examiners, who laughed and shouted, shouting, Are you guys watching this!?

The medical examiners told us before we left, “We got the governor, but we wanted the horses.” All miniature horses must go through basic training to work indoors, but Magic is a seasoned pro when it comes to riding elevators, taking stairs, navigating hospital equipment, and remaining calm in the presence of alarms and loud noises. She enjoys meeting new people and bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Before bringing her in, the song “Do You Believe in Magic” is frequently played. She’s well aware of what it entails. She perks up her ears and gives everyone a little prance.

A woman who hadn’t left her bed in six months was waiting in the foyer of one senior care facility bright and early in the morning Magic was due to come, carrying a black and white photo of herself as a child riding a pony. Another woman’s family phoned the facility to let them know she’d had a bad day: she’d just called to say there was a little horse in her room. They were relieved to find she was having a spell, but not one that was delusional. The sort that is magical.

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