How a Woman and Her Horse Brought Life to a Man’s Last Months

A woman who understands the agony of a horse rejected by his herd comes to his rescue. After that, they live, play, and, eventually, grieve together.

Courtesy Katrina Andrews

Katrina Andrews is a science teacher who makes you wish she had been yours when you were in school. 

Andrews claims her middle school children grasp the message, despite having to go through it herself.

Coming home

Andrews left Ritchie County, West Virginia, where she had spent virtually her entire life, a few years earlier. However, she was quickly shunned by many in her circle. So, in 2018, she decided to acquire a few acres of land just across the mountain range from where she grew up and return home.

Andrews also decided to adopt a horse, and after hearing about Pretzel Twist (Twister for short) from a friend, she knew it was the one for her. Twister was being rejected in a similar way by his own herd. They shoved him about and dumped food leftovers on him.

As a result, Andrews took him in. Twister gained a healthy weight and his coat began to shine as he was no longer the target of more aggressive horses. Andrews claims that when his summer coat arrives, it glows like a copper penny in the sun.

Copper enjoys lying in the sun, and Andrews joins him on occasion. Horses, like dogs, lick to demonstrate that they are content. Copper licked Andrews’ leg one day while they were out sunbathing.

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